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Product design


We use our Product Design Department and a modernly equipped CNC Department to provide solutions even for the most chellenging products. The creation process begins with the development of draft concepts based on specific needs of the customer. Another important aspect is consultation with the customer – together we exchange ideas, discuss and advice each other. From the presented ideas we select and further develop the project that best meets the requirements. Every year we create more than 250 new projects perfectly suited to the needs of our customers.

Design and concept visualisation

Creative and qualified staff use the latest CAD and CAM software to provide the best solutions for the customer. Thanks to this, we create projects which incorporate all the necessary parameters and visualizations of the concept so that the customer can already see the final result of the work before the production process.

Selection of materials and technologies

Every product requires a material suitable for its intended function. At work, we use the best available raw materials to ensure the quality and aesthetics of workmanship. We also have machines that provide a variety of technical solutions to support the thermoforming process.

Development of prototypes

Our own CNC Department allows us to create tools necessary for thermoforming and creating 1: 1 prototypes in the production environment, which in turn allows us to check the functionality and practicality of the applied solutions.

We deliver complete solutions to our customer

After customer approves the prototypes, we begin to build production mold. In result, we are ready to produce the agreed product in quantities expected by our customer.