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It's polymer

The manufacturing process at Poli involves processing various types of polymers with thermoforming technology. Vacuum and pressure molding provides a wide range of product options, with applications in a multitude of industries. Regardless of size or shape of the products manufactured, our ultimate goal is to create a solution that satisfies both the direct customer and the end user. In line with market trends, our solutions add value to the products used by our customers. Polymer plastics have always played a significant role in the economy thanks to their versatility, easy processing and recyclability. Shifting from a linear to a circular economy further strengthens the position of plastics on the market.
Polymers mean endless possibilities…

Molding from foil

We process various types of plastics up to 2mm thick (including PET, PP, PS, PVC, GAG and their derivatives). Manufacturing products with complex geometries to ensure packaging durability.

Foil molding benefits:

  • Durable products
  •  Products with complex geometries
  • Use of recyclable materials
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Customized designs to meet varied needs of customers
  • Effective product protection
  • Products suitable for use on automatic packaging lines
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Packaging made from polymeric pulp stands out as ideal protection for products from a variety of industries::

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For which industry

Molding from cut-sheets

We use plastics in a cut-sheet form up to 12 mm thick. Thick-gauge molding makes it possible to produce large-size products that are strong and reusable. Such elements protect even the most demanding details.

Cut-sheet molding benefits:

  • Durable, reusable product
  • Aesthetic enhancement 
  • Use for heavy and bulky products
  • Protection in transport, storage and production process of even the most demanding products
  • ESD protection
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Wykorzystujemy tworzywa sztuczne w postaci arkuszy do 12 mm.

Grubościenne formowanie pozwala na produkcję wyrobów wielkogabarytowych o dużej wytrzymałości i nadających się do wielokrotnego użytku. Takie elementy zabezpieczają nawet najbardziej wymagające detale.

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