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From a small family business operating in one room to two large production plants with warehouses with the total area of 15 000 m2.

Marian Holz, with the help of his friends, opens the Poli Company, whose activity is manual moulding of plastic registration plates. The whole company operates in a basement, where in one room there is production, on office, a warehouse, a dining room and a bathroom.

Construction of a new production plant at Wiejska Street with an area of 420 m2

The start of a breakthrough cooperation with the Confectionery Factory Kopernik, which becomes a driving force of Poli's development.

Expanding the range of business to furniture accessories.

Construction of a new 600 m2 production hall. The purchase of a semi automatic Starview thermoforming machine.

Construction of a production hall with an area of 1 200 m2. Purchase of the first fully-automatic ILLIG thermoforming machine for packaging production.

Launch of company's own CNC department.

Construction of a warehouse with an area of 2 400 m2.

Construction of a completely new production plant at Krucza Street with an area of 5 000 m2.

Purchase of land with an area of 20 000 m2 for the construction of another production plant.

Expansion of the plant on Krucza Street with new production and storage halls with a total area of 4 500 m2.

Finalizing the construction and commissioning of modern manufacturing and warehouse space.

Purchase of new production lines for thermoforming pulp.