Tray for electronic components

  1. Subject
    A customer from the technical sector begins the production of a new electronic product requring inter-operational transport.
  2. Customer need
    The transportation tray, as requested by the customer, must firmly protect the product inside from air ingress, mechanical damage and the effects of the chemical components contained in the cardboard.
  3. A challenge for Poli
    Developing a packaging that is non-conductive and at the same time protects against potentially harmful factors. Due to the shape and dimensions of the component, the tray must consist of two parts.
  4. Result
    A packaging consisting of two identical parts is created. The method of closing is by suction of these two elements and their tight adherence to each other, which in turn creates a secure unit.
  5. Benefits for the customer
    The customer buys packaging that consists of two identical parts. This makes the production process easier and reduces logistics costs for the customer as he only orders one type of packaging.
Tray for electronic components