Tray for Christmas balls

  1. Subject
    Poli is a customer of an Italian company Alessi. As a Christmas gift Poli wants to give its contractors a unique set of Alessi's handmade Christmas balls.
  2. Customer need
    Poli wants the set of balls of different shapes to gain a unique character which will be associated with the Poli brand and have a decorative element by the company. These stylish balls must be nicely displayed in its packaging and secured when shipped to different parts of the world.
  3. A challenge for Poli
    Creation of packaging that will protect five products of different shape each.
  4. Result
    A solution that meets all the requirements is successfully engineered. The sleek packaging is a perfect match for the prestigious product and is personalized with Christmas greetings from Poli.
    All sets are delivered to our business partners in perfect condition.
  5. Benefits for the customer
    There is a product which can be used as a presentation of skills and creativity in the proposed solutions.
Tray for Christmas balls