Pre-formation tray

  1. Subject
    A customer from the food industry uses reusable transport trays made by injection moulding method. He is interested in the thermoformed substitute, which will have the same functions.
  2. Customer need
    The current tray is used for intercontinental transport and is sent back to the manufacturer after use. The customer wants to reduce costs by creating a disposable transport tray. The thermoformed tray will not need to be shipped back.
  3. A challenge for Poli
    Adaptation of the existing project to the thermoforming technology, so that it meets the same quality and functional parameters. The new trays must be compatible with the customer's production line.
  4. Result
    A tailor-made product for intercontinental transport is created.
  5. Benefits for the customer
    Optimization of transport and subsequent reduction of costs for the customer.
Pre-formation tray