Raw materials used in production at Poli:

PET polyethylene terephtalate


  • high resistance, crystalline transparency
  • suitable for sterilisation - therefore used in medical sector
  • very good weldability


  • weldable material

APET recycled

  • APET with the use of recycled material
  • poorer transparency than APET


  • easy to form
  • high transparency of the material
  • cheaper than PP and PS
  • suitable for all types of industries
  • faster production cycles than with PP
  • not suitable for high temperatures

PS Polystyrene

PS Flock

  • decorative material, used in the packaging of luxury products
  • not suitable for use in food industry
  • used in two variations: film and sheets

PP Polipropylen

  • more resistant to higher temperatures than PET
  • suitable for microwave ovens
  • poorer transparency than PET
  • for food industry
  • requires special technical conditions (preheating, increased shrinkage)

ABS acrylonitrile-butadienestyrene copolymer

  • suitable for XL moduling
  • for thicker products sheets are used
  • stronger and more durable than PS

PVC Polyvinyl chloride

  • used in medical science
  • very good weldability
  • barrier properties
  • low cost
  • mechanical stability and inertness
  • suitable for processing
  • easy to sterilise
  • handy for making sets from a wide range of high-strength components