How we work?

The whole production process relies on the engagement of people who run it. Everything starts in the Product Design Department - a unit responsible for working out the packaging design together with the client. After acceptance of the prototypes the department prepares tooling necessary for the production process. Another stage is Production Department. This is where the finished products are manufactured. Then they undergo a multi-stage verification by the Quality Control Department. We do all of this to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. The whole process of packaging creation is supported by other departments which are responsible for cooperation with the client and coordination of internal processes.

  • Sales

    In this department we get to know the customer's needs, propose preliminary solutions and submit an offer of products implementation. We provide support to our customers  throughout the entire order process.

  • Accounting and HR, Purchasing, IT, Marketing

    The entire production and sales process of our products is supported by departments that are not always visible to the customer, but collectively work for the entire system in order to achieve a successful end result.

  • Logistics

    All logistics issues are an important part of arrangements with the customer. It is supervised by the logistics department, which coordinates shipments around the world.

  • Warehouse

    Care for proper storage of products, preparation of shipments to customers through a modern storage system and advanced equipment are some of the basic tasks of this Department.

  • Recycling

    Equipped with modern mills which enable quick shredding of production scrap.

  • Quality Control

    Quality is supervised by employees whose work involves the use of a modern laboratory to examine materials used in production, ensure the accuracy of the process, verify the compliance of the product and prepare relevant documentation for the customer.

  • Production

    The three-shift system allows for flexibility and optimization of the entire production process. Two production plants guarantee that the manufacturing of goods is protected against unexpected problems. The management team has many years of experience and the work of our company is supported by modern machinery.

  • CNC Department

    It's equipped with advanced CNC machines, which enable us to create tooling necessary for thermoforming processes. With our own department we save time, reduce costs and provide flexibility.

  • Product Design

    The heart of our company. It is here that unique packaging solutions for our customers are created. Qualified staff and best available graphic programs allow us to create projects that meet even the most sophisticated needs of our clients.